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Clutch Kit

At Astro Brake and Clutch we supply and fit a Clutch Kit on all makes and models of cars, bakkies as well as commercial vehicles. If you are a mechanic and require a Clutch Kit for a particular vehicle you are repairing then you can visit our workshop for the relevant clutch parts you may need.

As a driver you tend to use the clutch most of the time while driving. It is necessary for changing gears so it has to function optimally for a smooth driving experience. There are a number problems that could arise with the clutch such as the clutch slipping or the clutch failing to release. These problems could be quite serious if you leave it unattended. So if you notice anything different about the way the clutch is functioning then you need to get it checked.

If the clutch fails to release then it could be due to a number of reasons such as damaged straps, release cables, clutch plates or splines. Alternatively the clutch cylinders could be defective or someone may have installed the clutch system incorrectly. Driver abuse is another reason why the clutch may fail. Constantly applying pressure on the clutch when it is not necessary could wear it out quicker as well. Good driving habits can lead to a longer lasting clutch. So think about how you use the clutch next time you drive.

Our technicians know how to correctly fit and repair clutch systems because they are highly skilled and well trained. So with the correct Clutch Kit we can repair or replace your clutch while you wait. Quick service combined with safety is what we believe in.

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